What It’s Like to be Shot At With an AK-47

One CEO believes in his bulletproof glass so much he’s willing to let an employee shoot an AK-47 at him through a windshield in a YouTube video that’s already gotten almost two million hits.

Trent Kimball, President and CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation in San Antonio, gives a new meaning to the term “standing behind your product” when he actually does stand behind his product. Or rather squats behind it.

Lots of people have felt like shooting their bosses at one time or another, even if they would never actually do such a thing. But one TAC employee actually gets to fire three shots into an armored windshield from an AK-47. How many other people would actually have to fire a gun at their boss for their work?

In case you’re wondering, Kimball’s product does appear to work. It easily stops the shots fired from the assault rifle without letting the bullets through. The AK-47, which has been made since the Soviet era, is known as one of the most powerful guns in the world, when it isn’t being made into miniatures or guitars. Kimball doesn’t even flinch as the bullets hit the glass.

“No penetration,” he proclaims, after running his hand on the underside of the windshield, which is still smooth, even as the other side has been heavily damaged by the shots.

“Holy crap,” the employee who just shot at his boss adds at the very end of the video, after Kimball walks out of frame.

It’s an impressive demo but you’d either have to be a VIP , a head of state, or incredibly paranoid to get some real benefit from an armored car. If I was constantly being shot at, I’d just move.

“Life is valuable, protect it,” the company motto goes. If you’re really serious about keeping you and your fmaily safe, this would be a product to look into.