Bubble Wrap Ties Are a Pop of Fashion

The bubble wrap tie has officially ended the “being bored at a meeting” problem plaguing many of today’s office workers.

Bubble Wrap Tie 1

From the front, the tie looks like a standard if plain black tie. It’s hard to tell what the material is like from the photos, but if it’s a nice silk, you could even wear it to a black tie event. However, the best part of the tie is the bubble wrap that lines the back. As a product concept, it’s about as random as they come, but it gives you the feeling that the designer, Shunsuke Umiyama, had a very boring office job at some point in his life.

Bubble Wrap Tie 2

Now, the obvious purpose of this tie is to give you something fun to do during a long meeting, but I don’t think you’d be able to get a lot of use out of it if you’re in a room where everyone can hear the bubbles popping. You could definitely use it to stave off boredom in your cubicle, though.

Bubble Wrap Tie 3

The red one’s a bit different from the other two, because instead of standard circle-shaped bubbles, it boasts red hearts – a simple addition that makes it just about the most sweet and practical Valentine’s Day gift in history. Unlike most Valentine’s ties that are tackily covered in pink and red hearts, this one has hearts on the inside where no one but you will see them, so it can be worn year-round.

Either of the three ties would make a great Father’s Day gift, as they appear to be classical ties until they’re flipped over. Personally, I’m rather partial to the black one as it does look a bit more sleek and professional than the classic “clear” bubble wrap. A good design element would be to make the bubble wrap easily replaceable so that you wouldn’t have to get a new one once all the bubbles were popped, but as a novelty gift it’s pretty nifty.

In terms of its unexpected purpose, it reminds me of the reflector tie. If you don’t know how to tie a tie yourself, check out this tie-tying robot – it might be able to give you some tips.
Via: Neatorama