GameCube: The Eco-friendly Desktop Organizer

Nearly 10 years after its debut back in 2001, Nintendo’s GameCube still manages to occupy a special square-shaped plot of real estate in the hearts of impassioned fans.

Had it been a beauty pageant, the GameCube, proud in purple as it was,would have had a distinct advantage over its black plastic rivals (though Nintendo would later join the dark side) and it’s this point, for the GameCube as a piece of hardware, that’s ultimately worthy of mention in the grand scheme of gaming’s history.

For one crafty fan, GreenCub, to simply remember the good old days just wasn’t enough. Putting to task the age old mantra of the eco-conscious “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse,” this is one outdated system that’s seeing new life, not in the waiting room of your local dentists’ office, but as a desktop organizer.

A mod that even the greenest of gamers can get behind. Reusing old, broken machines, creator GreenCub is able to fashion a variety of compartments and incorporate a number of new features to better meet your office supply storing needs.

By converting the miniDVD tray into a storage dish, ditching the system innards to make room for a handy (and hidden) drawer, and inserting powerful magnets (perfectly suited to hold onto your office paper-clip collection)  your next trip to Staples doesn’t have to result in a stationary apocalypse on your desk.

Smarter still, a shelf has been attached at the back of the console – just below the handle – transforming what would have been useless space into an ideal spot to cradle your iPod or cellphone. Meanwhile, drilled-out power and reset buttons make for a logical and practical resting place for pens and pencils. Your potential office cred as an organized professional, and green gamer, just got a big boost.

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Via OhGizmo