Cool DIY: First Ever Car With a Wood Burning Stove

In times like these, of another record breaking winter storming through Europe and other parts of the world, freezing everything standing in its way, extreme people take extreme measures to heat up their cars, like Pascal Porkop of Switzerland who installed a wood burning stove INSIDE his car, the first car ever with such a luxury.

The 38 year old Swiss drives a 1990 Volvo 240, and felt that it was too cold after the car’s heater broke down. He decided he prefers a hot fire burning next to him than having anyone sitting there, so he took out the passenger’s seat and installed the stove instead.

Prop also installed a chimney to handle all the Carbon Monoxide created by stove. What’s probably more incredible than actually installing the stove we’re used to associate with old locomotives, that Prop managed to get an operating permit from by the Swiss inspection authority.

Personally, I’d find it way too hot to drive in something like this, even if these are sub-zero temperatures lurking just outside the window. And fixing the A/C is a must anyway, despite being an expensive expenditure, with summer not too far away. Those burning logs won’t be helping much after all the snows melt.

Perosnally, the first thing that pops into my mind when I see the wood burning stove is Back to the Future III, with the colors and the train pushing the DeLorean. Maybe we’ll finally get the breakthrough all of us have been waiting for since first watching BTTF oh so many years ago, and through Prop’s DIY innovation, someone will actually manage to make a time machine. Or Not.