CES 2016: Lenovo Introduce Products And Rename Motorola

Tablets, ultrabooks and portable gadgets – the revamp of the “Moto” brand was the main thing Lenovo had going for them at CES 2016. Read all about it in this story!



Lots of things happened at CES 2016, the biggest tech show in the entire world. Among all these happenings, Chinese giant Lenovo made it clear why they were one of the fastest growing business during the last few years, and why each of their products are so acclaimed and succesful around the globe. CES 2016 was the perfect platform to show their new catalog and impress users with their new technology, and that’s exactly what they did with many new laptops, tablets, smartphones and several other high-end devices that we are sure will be among the most desired gadgets for this 2016 that has just started.


Keeping in mind the several suggestions from their buyers (something the Chinese giant excels at), Lenovo updated the beloved X1 line, of which the X1 Carbon is the undisputed main star. This ultra thin notebook will have, in its upcoming revision, an incredibly powerful sixth generation Intel Skylake processor, a total weight of barely above one kilo (about 2.2 pounds) and a fingerprint reader, which is slowly becoming the default among high-end devices. It will be available starting this February, and it will cost some $1.299 USD – not bad for such a high-end device.


For the users who would instead have a more functional and adaptable device, the Lenovo team introduced the X1 Yoga, a computer which is really similar to the X1 Carbon but features a tactile screen, stylus, and a keyboard that can be rotated 360 degrees, turning it into a tablet too. The computer’s screen is a beautiful OLED surface with a 2560X1440 resolution, and will come out this month at $1449 USD, just a couple hundred above the X1 Carbon.

Both of these new devices will feature next gen i7 processors, up to 16 GB of RAM memory, a 1TB SSD hard drive, and 14 inches screens capable of full HD resolutions. These two models will have an alternative version called ThinkCentre X1 which measures 24 inches (that is basically a small TV!), an all-in-one monitor with USB C connectors and 4K technology that can recharge the laptop’s battery while using it as a screen at the same time, as if to start their own Lenovo ecosystem.


Still, the biggest and most resounding bit of news is that Lenovo will rename Motorola, recently after having bought it out from the Google team. The legendary phone creators are now going to work on devices named “Moto by Lenovo”. This might not be a huge change to some, but some of the more nostalgic users might end up missing the creator of the Startac, just like Nokia fans still can’t get over how Microsoft renamed the entire brand as Lumia, the flagships of the new Windows Phones.

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