Spherical Transparent Sun Power Generator

Cleaner, cheaper and more efficient energy is the future and also the now, with the Rawmelon Beta.ray 1.00 generator being one of the more intriguing products in this field we’ve seen recently.


The Beta.ray 1.00 comes with a hybrid collector to convert daily electricity and thermal energy at the same time. It features what the company calls a breakthrough patent pending micro dual axis tracking unit for full environmental integration with very little weather impact, while coming at what they call an affordable price (€6,000).

How it works

Basic RGB

Back to the point of the hybrid collector, the conversion happens while  reducing the silicon cell area to 25% with the equivalent power output by using an ultra transmission ball lens. At night time  the Ball Lens can transform into a high-power lamp to illuminate your location, simply by using a few LED’s.

Spherical transparent Sun power GeneratorThe Beta.ray.100 is also designed for off grid conditions as well as to supplement buildings’ consumption of electricity and thermal circuits like hot water. It’s easy to transport and install, with a support frame that includes the plugs necessary in order to connect with the local grid including a security panel behind the collector. For more details, go here.

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