CES 2016: Sony introduced cams, 4k displays & headphones

Sony also had a keynote at CES 2016, where they announced all their upcoming gadgets, from the best of the best to entirely new products. Read all the news in this story!

CES 2016 Sony 1

Sony took part of CES 2016 where they introduced their line-up, projects and upcoming gadgets for the rest of the year. The big highlights were the new BRAVIA TVs, audio and video equipment, a new line of products, but also many more surprises. The main star of the keynote and Sony’s productions were the new 4K TVs in the BRAVIA line, along with the new products in the h,ear family of digital video and audio recording, and the announcement of the Life Space UX line.

The new products in the BRAVIA line are all centered around bringing a 4K resolution with HDR (High Dynamic Range), for better brightness and contrast and more clear images. This new line of TVs is called LCD BRAVIA 4K X93D and comes with the touted Slim Backlight Drive technology, which along the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO (which is in charge of the contrast) and TRILUMINOS visualization for an enhanced color gamma make up the perfect trifecta of ideal technology any 4K display should have.


CES 2016 Sony 2


Sony also announced their new Backlight Master Drive technology for better and increased brightness and contrast, to take full advantage of the HDR. This technology comes from an 85″ Inches prototype, which enhances the backlight precision along with a high density LED system for optimal picture quality. Finally, they also talked about ULTRA, a new app that allows users to get movies and series in HDR 4K straight to the TV.

The h.ear series will receive 3 new products: the h.ear Go, h.ear In Wireless and h.ear On Wireless NC. These are wireless devices meant to complement the wired headsets launched before them. Besides their Hi-Res offerings (this name refers to the high-resolution audio technology) the Extra Bass line of products will bring the new MDR-XB650BT headphones, the SRS-XB3 y SRS-XB2 wireless speakers, and the high-potency audio system GTK-XB7.

CES 2016 Sony 3

Digital imaging technology also had its moment in the spotlight as Sony announced their new cam recorders: FDR-AX53, HDR-CX675 y HDR-AS50R. They spoke of the first model as the most innovative of the trio, and discussed its capabilities to record in 4K. It can use the ZEISS function which allows a 20X optic zoom which along the Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology should eliminate shaky or blurry images in panoramic takes or close-ups.

Finally and to end things, Sony announced what the new Life Space UX line is all about. This new concept is focused on making a change to the way people interact with physical spaces, experimenting with entertainment. One of the first such gadgets will be the Glass Sound speaker, an organic crystal shaped like a tube, which is capable of filling any room with sound. The LED Bulb speaker will be similar to a regular lightbulb, which can ble plugged anywhere at home to reproduce music wirelessly. Finally, Sony will also release a portable projector of only 10 cubic centimeters, equipped with a battery and internal speakers. It is capable of projecting a 56 centimeter images in any kind of surface, to up to 2 meters of distance.

Hence Sony had a fantastic presentation, loaded with new products and announcements along with a lot of new technologies. Which one of these products are your favorites? Let us know all about it in the comments section.

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