Make a Statement with the Coding Is My Cardio Shirt

Winter may not be the best time of the year for wearing t-shirts, but no one can stop you from buying them now for the next summer. The Coding Is My Cardio tee available on Walyou Deals would definitely be adequate for the ones who skip gym just to write a few more lines of code.

Some may think that geeks don’t have a fashion sense, but the truth is that we have one of our own. They’d be shocked to find out just how many limited-edition t-shirts are produced each day specifically for geeks, or how many ugly geeky sweaters have kept us warm this winter. Siliconvicts Clothing Co., a shirt company from Malibu, is fully aware by that, and actually is basing its success on geeks’ need to stay clothed. Known for such t-shirts as Coffee + Coding, Hacker Chick, Unicorn Hunter or Talk Nerdy to Me, the company seems to have read the minds of people when they came up with such t-shirts. One of their products, the Coding Is My Cardio t-shirt is now available in our store, Walyou Deals, with a pretty big discount.

Coding Is My Cardio is definitely a reference to people who’d be a lot more happy to stay inside to work on programs, rather than hitting the gym, which let’s face it, can be a lot more dangerous than typing on a keyboard. The font used for all of Siliconvicts t-shirts is called Jersey M54, in case you’re curious. Other than that, the design is rather simple, since there’s nothing on the heather gray t-shirt other than the writing.

Looks apart, it’s also important to know how comfortable it is, but the manufacturer assures us that it’s very much so. Even though it’s not pure cotton, the 67% cotton/33% polyester mix is still great. In theory, you could go to the gym wearing it, as long as you skip the cardio sessions and focus more (or rather exclusively) on weight training. If you’re wearing it while doing cardio, the entire purpose of the t-shirt is deleted.

More than a gym tee, this would be particularly great as a conversation piece, as long as you have the body to prove it. Ask for often breaks to catch your breath, and you’ll no longer have to provide explanations for that. The t-shirt will definitely speak for itself, and even for you, if you’re no longer able to speak. Just stay there and frantically point at the text on the tee.

The Coding Is My Cardio t-shirt can be purchased on Walyou Deals for $19.99, 31% off the original price. By referring a friend, you can get an additional 10% discount, so that’s definitely not something you’d want to miss. You can get the t-shirt in Medium, Large, and Extra-Large, and even if you’re not considering buying one for yourself, it would make a great gift for your favorite coder.

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