CES 2020: Little Cat Helps Your Kitty Lose Weight Quickly

little cat

All cat owners worry about their furry companions’ health, and the IoT-enabled Little Cat comes at the right time. It was announced at the CES 2020 and is an IoT based remote kitty exercise guidance system. It can be used to help your cat lose weight remotely.

What is the Little Cat all about, and how will it help your cat?

Getting a cat to exercise can be very difficult. They are unlike dogs and do not obey commands as dogs would. Thus, it is not possible to get them to walk in a park or run around the house. This can cause cats to put on a lot of weight, leading to health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, and even kidney-related issues. Helping your feline friend lose weight is the best way you can show your love to it.

Little Cat helps you do just that, even when you have a busy schedule. You could be at your office, and make your kitty exercise like a pro. The device is like a toy, and encourages your cat to chase after a laser-like light, which most cats do. The device is feline-friendly, and ensures that it can use it when you are not there without getting hurt.

How does Little Cat work?

You can choose between auto or remote mode right on the app. As this application comes with IoT sensors, you can remotely monitor how your pet exercises, and interact with it live. The application on your phone gives you a clear picture about how your kitty is doing, and what its weight, body mass index and other statistics are like. In addition, you can even watch your kitty exercise right from your office. As we all know, IoT devoices accumulate a lot of data. This device too accumulates data related to your furry friend. Over time, you will be able to generate insightful reports and monitor your cat’s health progress.

As the Little Cat was announced at the CES 2020, we are not sure when it will be available in the market. However, you can contact the manufacturers right on their website, and place an order.