CES 2020: Samsung Announces Artificial Intelligence-enabled Ballie Device


Samsung announced a number of things at the CES 2020, including AI-enabled Ballie, Ballie identifies people and streams live video. It can also help users control gadgets such as smart TVs, home lighting and Roomba. Samsung also announced a number of concepts and demos, which most probably will not be available in the market any time soon.

However, an important concept was GEMS exoskeleton, which the company coincidentally announced last CES as well. Few other announcements include smart kitchen concepts. Discussions related to smart cities and health care gadgets. What truly captivates the audience during the presentation is Ballie.

What is Ballie and what can it do?

Ballie is AI-enabled and is most likely to arrive in the market sometime this year. This is a real product that will not remain a concept alone. However, it is not clear when it will be available and if it can be pre-ordered anywhere. This product resembles volleyball and can be used to control a smart house. If you would like to dim the lights or turn them off, you just need to operate Ballie.

 Users can use Ballie as a fitness assistant and a mobile interface. It has very high-security standards and protects your data judiciously. As Samsung has invested a lot in personalized care, AI-enabled devices such as this one will continue to arrive in the market. Ballie’s On-Device AI capabilities make it truly special, and it stands out from the other devices that were launched recently. While other companies have invested in AI too, there aren’t many products like this one available for consumers today.

Will Ballie stand the test of time?

Samsung seems to have taken a very pragmatic approach in the face of rising competition. It has invested in a number of healthcare and smart home devices that make use of artificial intelligence. It must be noted that a number of companies have released similar products, though not as promising as Ballie. In the coming months, one can evaluate if Ballie will stand the test of time or will fade into pages of history as just another product that was announced during one of the CES events.