Cirkuita: The New Range of Orotransperante Jewelry

Not everything old has to be thrown away as junk. When put to use intelligently it can prove to be a piece of art, in fact a valuable one. Consider the Cirkuita collection of jewelry created by Paola Mirai. Hidden within each piece of jewelry you will discover a part of ‘technological junk’.

Cirkuita is a range of jewelry that has brought to life old junk obtained from technological waste materials. If you happen to see the process followed by this artist in giving shape to each object you will not be able to stop yourself from appreciating the immense effort put into each piece. Very carefully Mirai separates parts of discarded electronic materials, selects the ones best suited for her purpose and sets it in the transparent base that will form the final trinket.

Each selected piece is gelled together with a material known as Orotransperante. This material has a clear, transparent, and vibrant look that complements each little piece embedded within it. The part chosen for embedding could be wires, circuits, chips or just any other part that Mirai finds suitable for the purpose.

When part of a larger entity, the technological hardware parts are well concealed within a beautiful body. From within it helps the user perform a whole lot of functions without being visible at any point of time. Once it stops working, or any other part malfunctions or it gets outdated it is disposed off. That brings about a dismal end to the hardworking part. Mirai has helped give new life to all these discarded materials. She has not only made excellent use of them she has also brought them out into the open to be admired by one and all. In this new avatar each piece of jewelry is admired for the appealing look it carries with it. And a large part of the credit goes to the looks of the little ‘waste’ material carefully packed inside.

Paola Mirai had worked as an Art Director in Milan when she finally decided to venture out on her own research work for Orotransperante – a transparent super-light jewelry material. She calls it a ‘material of light’. Her hard work paid off and today she has exhaustive collection of jewelry made from this material. Cirkuita is a part of the collection that incorporates technological waste material.

Each piece created by her is unique in itself. You will never find two pieces that look alike. Each precious little piece of jewelry carries an identity of its own bearing an individual look and feel. Just as each person is unique so are her jewelry bits.

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