Shock and Awe with a Bioshock Big Sister Costume

If you’ve ever dreamed of confusing the neighbors and terrifying children, this amazingly accurate and detailed Big Sister costume from the Bioshock video game series is for you.

Whether Halloween is nearing, there’s an anime convention in town or you’ve just always dreamed of being a Big Sister, this Bioshock costume has it all. Designed by Jeremy Jones from the ground up, this is one-of-a-kind absolutely unique costume.

This costume has been featured in the Playstation Europe magazine and many websites all over the internet. It’s never been to a cosplay or video game event and if one were to wear it, they would almost certainly win in any cosplay contest and be the talk of any party.

To have some idea of the time and effort that went into this piece, it took eight months to complete. There are all sorts of custom details in reference to Bioshock 2, such as “Property of Rapture” and WYK (Would You Kindly) engraved and painted on various pieces.

The outfit is made from high-quality materials. A real leather body with leather custom straps, metal buckles, rivet and sewn construction, a helmet made from fiberglass, kevlar, metals and plexiglass front with red LED to get that extra creepy glow. Custom leg braces on the outside only so you can still move around and a real metal spike on the arm make this a formidable outfit indeed.

Even better, this costume was designed for all shapes and sizes with corseting on the sides so you can easily expand or contract the pieces. Although this costume is simply awe-inspiring, it’s going to cost you a few dollars to get your hands on it … $600 to be exact. So start saving if you want to have the best and most original Halloween costume around.

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Via: Obvious Winner & Etsy