The Library Chair: Keep Your Book & Magazine Mess Organized

Finally I found the space to store all of my magazines without it looking over crowded or messy! This creative chair, called “Bibliochaise luna,” is a smart and chic way to store those piles of books.

This cube armchair actually combines a mini library in its structure that allows you to store along the side books and magazines. The space is equivalent to five meters of shelving. This chair is not just a space saving solution, though, it’s meant to drive you to read more and provide you a refuge in which you can store everything you need within arm’s reach.

The smart design lets you cover the clutter easily and it’s truly a clever piece of furniture. For more space-saving furniture, check out the Sleek Bamboo Table Saves Space, the Amazing Italian Designed Space Saving Furniture and 21 Geeky Furniture Designs for Your Room.

Via dornob