Urine Powered Toylet Video Game

Not that the game is particularly offensive, but a urine themed video game can raise a lot of eyebrows. Toylet is a gaming device that has just been announced by Sega for the general public.

The device can be mounted on a urinal and the screen tells you how many coffee cups of urine you make, or what is the pressure of your flow, and the sort of thermodynamics that many people may not appreciate. The device calculates your volume by filling up onscreen coffee cans and measure the pressure (ah, that rhymed!) of your wee by blowing wind up a girl’s skirt. We found a lot of videos and images at Ufunk.

This sort of game will keep a lot of jerks occupied at the restaurant bathroom that their wives and girlfriends may wonder what the men are up to with each other, at the toilet! Each game lasts for a minute or less and an advertisement may be played at the end of the game. Toylets are designed to work only in urinals and not in any other fixtures that you may imagine.

Apparently, it is also a good way to make sure that restaurant guests do not make a mess of the bathroom floor when they are trying to go. Companies have also begun to advertise on the Toylet, when a man can be bombarded with marketing information soon after he is done doing his business. it is rumored that products and services, which are advertised on the Toylet sell twice as much.

If you have a nasty product that isn’t doing well in the market, probably it is a great idea to advertise on the Toylet! The gaming device was announced in Tokyo last winter and is now available for just about anybody who has a fetish to have fun while in the bathroom.

The Sega-marketed Toylet starts at $1,750 and games cost $125 apiece. It is no secret that men like to compare when they are at the urinal, but that assumption has now been given a geeky treatment. Too stinkin’ dutty? Let us know in the comments section below!

UK-based Captive Media had announced similar Urine Powered Video Games back in November. If you thought these urinals are crazy, do also take a look at the 13 Weird Bathroom Designs we had listed.