Comic Book High Heeled Shoes

If you thought wearing high heeled shoes with prints were a fashion faux-pas, wait till you take a look at these really trendy Comic Book High Heels.

Hell on Heels is a range of high heeled shoes designed by Etsy-seller Designed4Divas and targeted at women who love comic books. The shoes are covered completely with comic strips and leave no space for blankness.

At the moment, the seller offers shoes inspired by the Avengers, Amazing Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Rogue and a few more. Though the shoes may not be something that you would wear to a classy evening, they sure can be used as trendy street wear, if you are a fashionable geek.

Each pair is custom made, and thus your pair of high heeled shoes would be uniquely yours and no one else in the world would be wearing them. This gives a sense of exclusivity to these shoes as well.

The shoemaker requires 12-14 days to complete custom orders, and when you do receive the parcel I am sure you would leap in joy. For a complete geeky look, you may pair these high heeled shoes with the R2D2 Custom Shorts and Geek Nail Art we had featured sometime ago. Of course, make sure that you walk with that bad ass geek attitude!