Musical Instruments Made from Vegetables

Most people prefer to skip the vegetables when it comes to meals. However, they are not only good for health but are also great for making music!

Chinese brothers Nan Weidong and Nan Weiping use vegetables that are hard and fresh, and drill holes in them to create musical instruments. Not only do they create musical instruments from almost all vegetables that are stiff, they also play music themselves. They have been playing music for the last 2 years and have become a sensation in musical circles. They can play anything from romantic ballads to classical music on the instruments they create every other day.

In order to build these wind instruments, the brothers go hunting for the right vegetables which need to be fresh, thick and stiff. Vegetables that go soft after a while cannot be used to play music as the resulting sound’s pitch may get distorted. Each vegetable has its own particular sound, and it changes the moment the vegetable gets old.

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