15 Innovative Mobile Home Designs and Concepts

As real estate prices skyrocket higher and higher everyday, and nomadism has revitalized among the younger generations who wish to see the world, a mobile home that can be moved and parked easily anywhere sounds appealing more than ever. The era of backward home trailers is over. Geeks nowadays travel and live with style in innovative mobile homes. Below is a list of 15 most innovative mobile designs and concepts for hi-tech nomads.

Bufalino Mobile Home Concept


Designed by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns to meet the basic needs of a person, Bufalino is a mobile home concept that lets you live, work, sleep and drive in one single vehicle. The design was derived from the original piaggio model.

Driverless Self-Parking Mobile Home Concept


Via: Dornob

In the future, you won’t even have to worry about driving or parking, as autonomous vehicles will take care of it for you. Mike and Maaike’s driverless self-parking mobile home concept combines modularity and mobility and allows you to relax in your own space while waiting to get your destination.

Luxury Opera Mobile Home


Via: Trendir

With a name that suggests Sydney Opera House’s influence, Axel Enthoven’s Opera concept packs all comforts of a modern home into one luxurious trailer: two beds, a toilet, and hot and cold water, LED lighting and a mobile hob. The high-end mobile home can open and level itself, extending to its full 7-meter length, measuring 3 meters wide and 3.5 meters high.

Be-Coc Modular Solar Caravan


Via: Best Creative Designs

The Be-Coc mobile home is a solar modular concept that will let you live in nature without leaving a large carbon footprint. Each module comes with two shells and two swivel rocking panels that can be fully customized. At 3.60 meters wide, it is big enough to hold a kitchen, room, lounge and a bathroom.

Westfalia Verdier Solar Mobile Micro Home



Via: My Modern Met

The symbol of the hippie culture Westfalia has long been known for their Volkswagen camper conversions. This time, the green technology of Verdier was used by Westfalia to create a luxurious and autonomous “light recreational vehicle”. The Volkswagen buses are equipped with GPS-based solar panels for maximum sun exposure and a pneumatic suspension that can lower the vehicle to the ground for stationary use. However, price range from $26,000 to $69,000 is not exactly what you’ll expect from a VW camper.

Open House Concept


Via: Dornob

Open House is an amazing portable home concept that will totally free you from space limitation that often comes with a conventional trailer. When parked, the vehicle can be folded to reveal necessary functional objects to serve various purposes, as an office, living room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom.

Alien Solar Mobile Home


Via: Chaitanya Krishnan

This alien-looking vehicle is a solar powered mobile home for those who want to enjoy a nomadic and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Vodafone Solar Mobile Home


Via: Inhabitat

Waskman Design Studio‘s stunning solar powered mobile home was originally designed for Vodafone, and is currently used take a family across Spain on their family vacation. It comes fully equipped with Internet access and telephone.

World’s Most Expensive Mobile Home


Via: Dornob

At 2,5 million dollars, Vantare Platinum Plus motorcoach is undoubtedly the world’s most expensive and exclusive mobile home, and apparently not for a true hippie. Every detail in the house is a statement of luxury and artistry. The helm is equipped with an Avic N-2 global positioning system with real-time traffic and weather alerts.

A-Cero RV Classy Mobile Home



Via: Freshome

Designed by A-Cero for an incredible travel experience, RV has every comfort to serve as a luxurious home. The compact mobile home has a stunning design that comes with beautiful comfy interior and a mini garage.

Veranda Mobile Home with Balcony


Via: Tuvie

The revolutionary Veranda mobile home is superior than any other motor home designs as it comes with a convertible balcony that can be deployed in 20 seconds. It also comes with an optional Barbeque and a 37 inch TV.

Loft Cube Mobile Home



Via: Momoy

As space is becoming more and more limited, Loft Cube was designed to make use of the rooftop to land another home. The stunning and comfortable loft can be assembled in 2-4 days, and the interior and exterior can be customized to meet the customer’s needs.

DIY Japanese Convertible Camper

Via: Dornob

A group of friends from Japan converted an old truck into a contemporary and fully-equipped mobile home from scratch. It comes with a transformer rooftop that can be lifted up to reveal a second-story Japanese-style zen loft space complete with rice paper windows and tatami mats.

Motorcycle Home


Via: PModels

A trike, or three wheel motorbike, was used to pull a module to create one of the most interesting mobile home creations ever.

Train Mobile Home


Via: Way2manyhobbies

This mobile home was customized with a head that looks either like the head of a train or the head of some sorts of insects. From the positions of the wheels, we can assume that the home can hardly balance by itself and has to be parked with an anchor.