Keep the Style Hot! 16 Cool Window Shades

It’s unclear where the window blind got its name from. It’s probably because it blinds the creepy peeping toms from stalking you, or it prevents the sun from blinding you. But it can also do a lot more things, like doubling as a speaker or entertaining your secret music talent. Here is the list of 16 super innovative window blind designs that will make your house a true geek space.

Sound Blind


Via: Yanko Design

A cool speaker system usually occupies a lot of space, but not the Sound Blind. Designed by Wonho Bae, this fancy looking speaker takes the shape of a window blind and can be hung up, twisted or folded like a real one. The only difference is that Sound Blind looks way better than a real blind thanks its beautiful film patterns. Unfortunately, it’s still a concept.

Beat Blind


Via: Yanko Design

Beat Blind of William Gurley is a blind that will empty your room of sunlight but will fill it with joy. All you need to do is to unfold the blind and you will have a real xylophone to entertain your secret music talent.

Solar Air Conditioner Blind


Via: Yanko Design

A cool blind concept from designers Nari Kim & Pullip Lim will let you use the air conditioner even when the window is open. Called Briz, the blind doubles as an solar powered air conditioner that uses water as a coolant. The water runs through both tubes beneath the bottom part of the blinds  and emits dry mist. As water evaporates, it absorbs the heat, and naturally cools the atmosphere.



Via: Whole Buffalo

Humans are almost impossible to please. Sometimes we want the sunlight but we don’t like the heat that comes with it. PrismaReflect is here to solve the problem. Made from a translucent material, PrismaReflect can reduce heat gain and glare from the sun without darkening the room.

High Tech Integral Blind


Via: Bear Faced

Integral Blinds are high tech blinds that are cordlessly controlled by Bluetooth, solar power or High Tech Magnetic control technology. Sealed between two panes of glass, they never get dusty nor make any sound when you open or close.

Motorized Blind


Via: Motorized Blinds

We are living in an era of remote controls. We have remote controls for TVs, for air conditioners, for printers and now we have remote control even for blinds! The motorized blind which can be opened and closed with just a button is supposed to save the kids from the risk of playing around with the normal blind cord.

Lamp Blind


Via: Apartment Therapy

Ironically, blinds nowadays are the thing that will give us the light. Designed by Yoon-Hui Kim and Eun-Kyung Kim, Solar Vertical Lamp is a blind embedded with special mini photovoltaics and LED pixels to give you a new 2-D twist on lighting at night.

Light in the Dark Blind


Via: Eco Friend

Ivan Huber’s Light in the Dark window blind is an amazingly beautiful design which is also very practical. It is an active Venetian blind system that collects energy from the sun by day and releases it as needed at night.

Solar-Powered Window Blind


Via: Solar Panel Power

Using new OLED film technology and dye-sensitized solar cells, Yoon Lee turns the everyday blind into a cool solar powered creation that can keep the sunlight out and absorb it at the same time. The sunlight will then be converted into solar power for use at night.

SkyShield Blind


Via: Re-nest

As a combination of traditional solar shading and a bit of technology, SkyShield is a really slick looking louvered blind that absorbs heat and blocks up to 90% of incoming light.

Darth Vader Blind


Via: Walyou

The Darth Vader blind is a super geeky blind that will reveal the dark side of the Force and your room as well. Not recommended for the chicken-hearted though, because the shadow of the Sith lord flickering on the window at night is very likely to scare the shit out of unprepared kids.

Beach Blind


Via: Photobucket

Having a sea facing house is luxury not everyone can have. Featuring a dolphin jumping after a ball with blue ocean on the background, the beach blind will make you feel like you are in front of the beach.

Ramones Blind


Via: Make Do and Mend

Featuring for members of the legendary rock band, the Ramones blind is exactly what any punk rock fan would die to have. Hey ho let’s go!

Web 2.0 Blind


Via: Slippery Brick

Upgrade your house with these cool Web 2.0 blinds. Nets2go has introduced a new set of 9 custom-made wooden blinds with Web 2.0 logos. You can get them in Google, Firefox, YouTube, Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, or WordPress.

Bright Blind


Via: Walyou

Nothing is more depressing than being stuck all day in a windowless room with unbearable workload. Designed by Makoto Hirahara, Bright Blind is a fake window that can illuminate to deceive your mind with an illusion of sunlight. You can even adjust the brightness as you would with a real window blind.

Curtain Light


Via: Coroflot

Blinds are not only for windows. Huangtian Mao from China proved that lamps can have blinds too. A blind is placed before the wall lamp to make it feel like it is another window on the wall. You can adjust the blind to control the brightness of the light.