Eat Pie in Your New Pi Bowl

Whether your preference is for pi or pie, this unique bowl is a great addition to any geek’s kitchen. Pi is just one of those things that math geeks love, whether it’s knowing the number to as many digits as possible or buying stuff emblazoned with its symbol. This 20cm round bowl manages to fit in both. Starting from the outside edge and ending at the center, pi is stamped across the bowl to 1,498 decimal places, likely more than most math geeks can recite by heart. Furthermore, the very center also features the pi symbol, which tends to serve more or less as a symbol for mathematical geekery. Given pi’s relationship with circles, this circular bowl fits it well, and a unique bowl like this is certain to stand out and draw attention from math and science geeks as well as others.

Pi Bowl Green

Pi Bowl Blue

Pi Bowl Inside Numbers

Pi Bowl Inside Numbers 2

Zena of West Art and Glass also says she has plans on doing other similar items, such as pi coasters and a small, deeper version of this bowl. At the moment, the bowls are available in spring green and periwinkle blue, as shown, but the artist says that she will consider other colors for custom orders as well if these two just aren’t your style.

The ones listed will set you back £30 (~$50) which isn’t too bad for a handmade, custom-printed bowl, especially one as unique as this. Each item is also stamped on the underside with its firing date and an individual number. If this bowl isn’t enough pi in your life, rest assured that there are many other items out there sure to grab your interest and sate your hunger for pi. Whether you want a Pi Pizza Cutter, Pi Ice Cubes, or a picture of a Pi Pie, fellow geeks have you covered.

Via: GeekCrafts