The Coolest Geeky T-Shirts On The Internet

Apparel that is both awesome and stylish is hard to come by, particularly when trying to appeal to us, geeks, who have quite a hard time defining what awesome is in the first place. Luckily, the Neatoshop team comes to the rescue with their incredible line of shirts with varied designs. We decided we’d pick some of our favorites from their collection and display them here for everyone to see, but hey, you don’t have to agree with our picks. Feel free to take a look around and choose your favorites by browsing the Neatoshop on your own, as there are plenty of designs, and surely one of them must be the right one for you.

Evolution of Hypnotoad Shirt


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The perfect shirt: it will convince anyone that your fashion sense is the greatest on Earth (seriously, just try to think differently with the Hypnotoad staring at you) while referencing Futurama and evolution, all in one neat package.

The Wocka-Wockaing Dead


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This shirt is perfect for fans who are willing to admit how ridiculous (yet still very awesome) is AMC’s The Walking Dead. Rick is just so overly dramatic sometimes that changing him with Fozzie Bear might be nice for a couple episodes. The guy just needs a chill pill, zombie apocalypse or not.

Lunar Skatepark


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Can you imagine just how cool it would be to skate in diminished gravity? Ah, as long as it hurts less whenever we fall (which happens quite often), we’d be cool with it.

Chemical Avengers


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Chemical Elements, assemble! In a neat periodic table so we can learn more about the chemical properties of the elements that make up our world. If you thought reading comic books was geeky, this will crank it up a notch.

Prawn Solo


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Our favorite characters from Star Wars and the Muppets combine into the ultimate being. Sure, we’d miss on some incredible dialog, but can you imagine how cool it’d be to see Prawn Solo with a blaster on each hand shooting its way around the universe?

The Sheep Wars


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Dolly and the Storm Troopers have two things in common: their origin as clones, and the fact that neither of them is all that precise with a blaster.

Night Watch Bros


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Seriously? So stomping them was all it took to kill a White Walker? Dammit, we’ve been doing it wrong the whole time!

Adventure Cook


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Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, Adventure Time! Although Breaking Bad can be as funny as Adventure Time on some episodes (more like, fragments of them), in the end it’s still a show about an old man and a young guy cooking meth. And that is awesome.

Tonari No Gizmotoro


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Cute monsters everywhere! We love Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro / Tonari No Totoro, and Gremlins is one of the coolest productions of the 80’s, yet, we never expected to see them combined… nor the result being as cute as it is.

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