Mega Man X Dr. Light Capsule Replica

Andrew Butterworth’s Mega Man X tribute will surely “light” a smile on your face.

Mega Man X Dr Light light capsule by Andrew Butterworth image 1

There needs to be more Mega Man X love in the world. Oh don’t get me wrong, I adore 8-bit Mega Man like any other Blue Bomber fan, but there are other incarnations of the series that are just as good and equally deserving of fan-created pieces of memorabilia.

Just like the special item on today’s showcase folks: a Dr. Light capsule 16? x 6? replica based on the hologram-projected pods that series protagonist Mega Man X uses to gain sage advice from the late doctor, along with valuable body upgrades.

Mega Man X Dr Light light capsule by Andrew Butterworth image 2

This replica only does the former though (don’t worry guys, we’ll get humanoid, laser-busting robots one of these days), but does so magically and comes incredibly close to matching its in-game counterpart by looping a well-assembled animation of Dr. Light.

Made by artist Andrew Butterworth, the hologram effect was created by using a sheet of angled glass that displays the image of Dr. Light from a projection source located in the base.


Andrew recently presented his Dr. Light capsule at the Mega Man Boss Battle art show in San Francisco, where Kenji Inafune – co-designer of Mega Man – honored the show, and where I’m certain Andrew’s creation was a hit there.

And if you’ve got the deep pockets, then available through the Gaunlet Gallery store is Andrew’s replica for $3,000 USD. Like I said, deep pockets. Something you don’t need to check out Bender from Futurama wood stoves and Microsoft PR disasters on Twitter right here on Walyou.