Bender Wood Stove Inspired By Futurama

Let’s face it: Futurama might as well be called Bender and “friends”, because we love the guy, and it seems that love is shared by an artisan who turned him into a wood stove.


A man who goes by the name “Rob Halftroll” (the most metal-meme name ever) created this piece out of old gas bottles, tube steel, and bands of metal drawing inspiration from Matt Groening’s hit Futurama. It seems incredible that the guy worked so hard constructing a construction bot, and then using it to burn things instead, but hey, as long as it has a purpose in life…


This recreation of the egoistical robot is pretty faithful to the design seen on the TV series, and even has him smoking his cigar, because it just wouldn’t be Bender without it.


Bender looks almost satanic once the fire is burning, and you can see that in the video just below these lines. Enjoy it!

Source: Technabob

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