Could Apple’s Next iPad Come With a Stylus?

As Apple looks to create the next version of the iPad, patent filings suggest that it will come with a stylus.

iPad Stylus

While tablets are often more powerful than their smaller sized smartphone brethren, the main reason that most of us invest in tablets is because of their size. The giant displays of tablets offer us far more screen space to work with – which is handy when you’re fed up of your thumbs and fingers getting cramp from holding your phone for a prolonged amount of time.

These large screens also make them ideal for work which is why so many people have opted to ditch their laptops and desktop PCs for a tablet instead. There are now keyboard plug-ins that make writing up that essay or investor report a doddle.

But to make it even easier, you’d need more than your fingers and a detachable keyboard – you’d need a stylus. Easy to carry around and offering more accuracy than the tip of a digit, a tablet that comes with a stylus just makes sense. And that’s exactly why Apple is looking into it for the next iPad.

The suggestion comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities who regularly makes correct predictions about Apple’s future projects. In a report obtained by AppleInsider, Kuo wrote that “Given that it’s more precise than a person’s fingers, a stylus can be more convenient to use than the combination of keyboard and mouse in some cases”, adding that it would provide haptic feedback that lets a user feel what they’re doing better rather than having to poke uncomfortably at a glass screen. Kuo’s info is based on patent filings from Apple which makes it all the more likely.

Apple iPad Stylus patent

It’s believed that Apple has created the stylus to go with its rumoured iPad Pro tablet. While it’s purely speculation at the moment, the iPad Pro would be a 12.9 inch affair that makes working from it a lot easier. It would cater especially to business professionals and education facilities.

However, despite the benefit of a stylus, Kuo noted that a stylus with haptic feedback could be expensive for users. Kuo writes that “high selling prices may turn consumers off if the 12.9-inch iPad is always bundled with it. We therefore expect the stylus to be an optional accessory before sufficient user feedback is received.”

In typical Apple fashion we can also expect them to continuously release updates to the stylus as the years go by and their research improves. An accelerometer and 3D handwriting features could be added to the gadget following a successful launch.

We’ll keep you posted once Apple confirms.

Source: AppleInsider

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