Why The iPhone 6 is an iPad Killer

As the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus achieve massive success, new statistics suggest that Apple may have inadvertently killed off the iPad.

iPad Mini 3

Few can deny that the newly released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been a massive success. Within three days on sale the two phones racked up 10 million sales between them and quickly became the fastest selling iPhones of all time.

The phones were even able to shrug off controversy when iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate hit. The large aluminium body of the iPhone 6 Plus meant that it was incredibly malleable and prone to bending under pressure or even when put in a tight trouser pocket.

However, as Apple shrugged off reports of bending, it’s now being suggested that the iPhone 6 Plus’ incredi-size could have led to more problems. In fact, the handset could be an iPad killer.

The data has been collected by bookmark and video app pocket which has conducted research across from millions of articles and videos. For their study they examined a sample pool of 2 million opens of articles and videos, comparing behaviour of those who had upgraded from an iPhone 5/5S to an iPhone 6/6 Plus.

iPhone 6 iPad Killer Data

What their results deemed is that those with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus spent more time looking at saved content on the iPhone 6/6Plus even when they owned an iPad or not. In short, it means that the new iPhones have given people less of a reason to use the iPad.

A possible cause for this are those larger screens. With bigger screens comes the ease of reading and so with the iPhone 6 Plus (especially) being a bridge between the smaller iPhones or old and the a bigger iPad, there’s little reason to shell out for an expensive tablet.

However, pocket also notes that their data may be skewed a little. As the devices have just been released, people may be providing the most attention to their new iPhones because they’re still appreciating the newness of them. Not all of the data can be dismissed like that though so Apple will still want to be careful not to shoot themselves in the foot in future.

Source: pocket

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