Displio, bridging the gap between widgets and the real world

Widgets have been around on cellphones and computers for a couple years, but now they jump into the real world becoming gadgets instead.

Displio 1

Widgets, the tiny displays with information about the world, are now making the jump to the physical realm in the form of actual gadgets. Pretty, cute and colorful gadgets at that. These devices have an electronic ink screen that measures 2.7″ inches and can show climate, calendar, e-mails, or even updates on Twitter as if it was a smartphone.

Displio 2

Depending on their position they can show a different widget, and users don’t need to use buttons to see or change them: it’s all touch-driven. In order to do the initial configuration, users can just use an app on their smartphones. Yet, the most clever aspect about Displio is is the API to expand its functionalities, so any creator can patch their own creations in it. As they claim, “if it’s on the Internet, it can be in Displio”.

The team behind Displio are trying to get it crowdfunded via Kickstarter, and with 29 days to go they have already gathered half of the funds they need. Once released, Diplio will retail for $99 USD in any of its seven color variations (white, red, blue, green, yellow, black or grey), or $119 USD for the special edition in wood.

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