Cubical Cord Extension

Too many gadgets mean too many electrical cords. It is true that many are now available in a wireless version as well but not all. In fact cords do enter the scene when the device needs a recharge. Take two simple things like the laptop and the mobile. They allow you to work on the go with both the devices working on batteries but when the charge starts running out you need to take them back to their cords. And then you are stuck in a maze of wires.

Cluttered up wires are definitely not a pleasant sight and besides they have their own set of disadvantages. For one they could leave you all confused if a couple of wires get entangled and if you are in a hurry you are bound to make mistakes. Apart from the ugly look they are also a health hazard as they tend to accumulate dirt and dust. So how do you tackle this day-to-day problem? Rest assured as product designer Basil Jose is ready with his Cube, an extension cord that will solve your wiring problem.

Cube, as the name goes, is a cubical shaped electrical extension cord that can house three plugs at the same time. The cube is mounted diagonally in the center of a circular base. While one corner joins the cube to the base its opposite corner displays the power light. If you have been using extension cords you must be familiar with their functioning and the limitations they pose. When on a flat surface all plugs are positioned face down making it difficult to get the desired position for each attached gadget. Not so with Cube.

Cube is not only different in its looks from a traditional extension cord but also functionality. It carries with it the added advantage of flexibility as the rotating cube head allows personal adjustments to the extent that all three plug points are in three different directions. This helps keep maintain a distance between cords giving it a cleaner look. All three sides have power points for a three pin plug as well as a two pin plug. Like any other good quality extension cord it has a power switch and a wire winding button.

What is very obvious from the looks of the product is that it is once again a daily use good that has been given a makeover. When every product is being given a designer look why leave behind the very useful extension cord. Get the most out of it but in a stylish way.

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