CulCharge USB Data Cable Charges Smartphones on the Go

The masses can now do away with fiddly plugs and long, easily tangled charging wires, as the CulCharge, lets you charge your smartphone any time, anywhere.

CulCharge image

Your battery is low, you’ve got 5 important texts to send and you’re waiting for a high priority email. There are still 30 minutes until you’ll be back at home and you don’t know if your phone’s gonna make it. In an instant, your smartphone goes dead and you’re stranded without communication. That’s the current reality, as charging your phone on the go is about as easy as understanding quantum physics, thanks to plugs that have to be assembled and wires that are impossible to store away due to knots that they always seem to get no matter how you store them. Roll in the CulCharge, a tiny little device that lets you charge your phone from almost any USB socket.

Coming in at just 2.3 inches long (6cm), the CulCharge has the honour of being able to call itself “the smallest ultrathin charge and data USB cable”. If you’re fed up of running the risk of a low battery every time you leave the house or the office, then CulCharge is, apparently, perfect for you. How the device works is that plugged into your phone, the miniscule cable (which looks to be about as big as your thumb – if you have really small thumbs, that is) plugs into the USB sockets of one of the “16 billion devices with USB sockets all around the world”. CulCharge’s developers are citing that statistic, making note that nowadays, cars, TVs and even boats, have sockets to plug things into.

The CulCharge, which is flexible and lightweight (the demonstration pictures on its indiegogo show off just how bendy this thing is) is set to come in 4 different versions to cover everyone with every smartphone. The iPhone 4, iPhone 5, MicroUSB and MiniUSB CulCharges will work with your phone if you’ve got an “iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Huawei” with the inclusion of “etc” from the developer suggesting it probably works with more, they just haven’t tested it on other phones yet.

The CulCharge team are also hawking the ‘CulBox’, which is designed to be useful to small businesses who want to sell their USB enabled gadgets from anywhere. Both are set to be released in October, and you can see full pricing for the CulCharge and the CulBox on their indiegogo page here.

Source: CulCharge indiegogo

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