Cute Creatures Crawling Out of Your Coffee Cup

What look like inconspicuous cups from the outside are in fact lairs of cute creatures that rest at the bottom, waiting for you to finish your coffee or tea so that they can crawl out.

This might sound creepy, but the concept oozes with creativity and awesomeness, at the same time. The following cups are the creation of Yumi-Yumi, “a Brooklyn based group of designers and coffee drinkers. We’ve had these little creatures crawling around our head for years – just trying to get out. We didn’t know where they were trying to go until one day they told us – your coffee! They wanted to drink up your coffee and soak in your tea.”

As the designers said it themselves, the creatures feel at home while bathing in your coffee or tea. For your peace of mind, I’m going to tell you that the creatures do not actually crawl out of the cups at any point, as they are part of the cup. Depending on what you are drinking, the creatures may be apparent right away or they may be noticed after taking a few sips. The cute octopus baby pictured above is just one of the creatures that Yumi-Yumi put in these cups.  As you will notice from the following images, they have quite a wild imagination. Literally!

Giant spiders, swans and crabs are some of the other possible creatures that could be found in these cups, along with reptiles. There is also a mention of furry little animals, but I can’t see any in the pictures. Still, as a basic rule, the designers of these terrific cups seem to have a thing for anything that hatches from eggs.

Even though these seem to be targeted at home users, the creature cups would be a fantastic addition to any coffee shop out there, in my humble opinion. It would be interesting to see how the coffee or tea drinkers would react. Given the publicity such a coffee shop would get, the existence of the creatures at the bottom of the cups would no longer be a surprise. There would still be some suspense, as there is no way for the drinkers to know beforehand what creature they get in their cup.

Keeping this as a limited edition would also be a good idea, instead of making them mainstream. Rarity is only one of the factors that could make such cups even more valuable.

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