16 Sexy Artworks of A Song of Ice and Fire Characters

Sexiest character in the world of a Song of Ice and Fire? It depends where your imagination runs, and where you take the descriptions of GRRM, or what artwork you land on. My pick would have to be between Arianne Martell, Cersei and Dany. Here are some examples to help you make up your mind.

Daenerys Targaryen

The mother of dragons and in her eyes, the rightful queen to Westeros. Too bad that we’re five books into the story and she still hasn’t set a foot on the continent. Dany’s most memorable scene is obviously the one ending the first book and the first season, rising from the flames and ashes, naked, with three dragons holding on to her.

Art by PatrickBrown.

There’s also this slightly evil one by vervex.

Cersei Lannister

One of the great things about Cersei is that she’s so obsessed about her looks, her fading beauty and the rise of another beautiful queen, according to a certain prophecy, that will take her place. Pretty much the story of the evil queen from Snow White. We all know how that ended.

Art by pardoart. The next two are by DubuGomdori & magajaga.

My favorite of those roaming the web is this one, making her look a bit less sinister than usual, by Orhasket.

Arianne Martell

In the ASOIAF forums, there are quite a few “who do you think is the hottest” threads going around. Quite often, the Princess of Dorne, Arianne Martell, described as somewhat of a Mediterranean beauty, gets the top spot among voters. She doesn’t actually show up before the fourth book, A Feast for Crows.

Art by Atramina and & BrittMartin.

Asha Greyjoy

The show runners didn’t choose the most attractive of actresses to portray Asha, called Yara on the show (to not confuse viewers with Osha the wildling), but there are supposed to be quite a few attractive traits about this female pirate.

Art chosen by DeadXCrossTheRagingSpaniard & Atramina again.


The red priestess from Asshai pretty much uses sex as part of her power to produce Shadow babies, or at least that’s what both the show and the book hint at. It’s not quite clear what her motives are regarding the war in Westeros and her plans for Stannis.

Art by henningAtramina (x3) & BlackWolf-Studio.

Looks like little Red Riding Hood in this one, with an all grown up touch to her.

Last but not Least, Ygritte

Art by eLiz