The Ultimate Dark Knight Trilogy Poster

The brilliant thing about Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman, a character that already had quite a few cinematic and small screen versions, some better, some worse, was the vision and the build up. All that is combined into one awesome poster ahead of the release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

I don’t know if Marvel began their Avengers initiative idea before Batman Begins came out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole idea came from  how Nolan completely revamped the Batman character, which needed to take a rest after Joel Schumacher slaughtered it in Batman & Robin. Something so camp and so silly had to be forgotten, and it took a while.

Re-inventing a Superhero’s universe in such a way that it changed the perception of Comic Book movies. Sure, the heart of the matter is still about making a fun product, as most Marvel films are. But Nolan also showed that you can have a bit more edge and darkness without giving up on commercial appeal to the general public.

Lets hope that TDKR is a fitting ending to what might be a perfect trilogy of films, that may be in the under appreciated label of ‘Comic Book/Superhero movies’, but it just might rank right up there with every other great trilogy of films you can think of.