Transformers Wine Rack: Forget About The Spark, We Have Wine

All this time we thought that it was the Spark what Transformers wanted to protect, but turns out it had just been the fantastic red wine we produce on Earth. wine-rack-transformers-1

It’s time you all met this half-ton, Transformer-style wine rack. It’s made entirely out of metal, basically all transmission parts. It measures six feet, , weighs half a ton, and can hold around 32 bottles of red wine at a time.

The Transformer has, luckily, been completely cleaned and dipped in a solution to remove every last trace of oil as to not stain your carpets or your bottles, which is a nice thing to do. Thanks, seller!

One more thing. This robot is, at the time we’re writing this, still up for sale. It can be yours, as long as you’re willing to put down the $7000 dollars it costs, and that you can convince your SO, family, or flatmates that having this around is a good idea.

Via: Phoenix New Times

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