Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker – The Fly and the Larvae Version

The story of Luke Skywalker meeting his father (who he thought was dead) in the most unexpected way has become the stuff of legends among film buffs, geeks and obviously anyone who is a Star Wars fan.

Like everything in today’s world, the internet has to make an alternative version to the memory we have embedded so well into our minds, of Anakin Skywalker telling Luke while the two battle it out and Luke losing his hand, just like his father did back in the day.

But of all the alternative versions you thought possible, you never thought it’d end up being a house fly telling his “child”, a growing larvae, that he is actually his father. I’m not sure who the larvae thought his parent actually was.


This awesome piece comes from stin Madison who operated the blog Austin Translation. According to him, this piece is a birthday card for his buddy Darrell Watson, who co created a shortfilm called “Bug Wars” back in highschool.