WTF Of The Day: Underwear With Deodorized Fart Pad

We all know men are nasty and girls poop rainbows, so it’s time we did something about it. A deodorized “fart pad” (what) might be the best solution yet. And that’s weird.

Deodorized Fart Pad

As our dear readers know, you can mask fart sounds with a well placed cough, but have you ever wanted to do the same with the smell? This is the invention you were waiting for, created by Colonial Medical. We don’t know about your bowel movements (scratch that, we don’t wanna know), but we can’t help but wonder how much would something like this do for our self esteem, just strapping this pad to our asses to mask our nasties. Would you wear it? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Via: Gizmodo

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