SOLGRILL: A Clean and Green BBQ Grill

Unless you live in a city that gets awfully hot, summers are a season that can be enjoyed by spending time outdoors.

One of the best ways to enjoy a warm and sunny day is to have a BBQ Grill and munch on tasty steaks. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to use charcoal or liquid fuel, you could try the SOLGRILL, which is a BBQ Grill that makes use of solar energy.

You would not even have to wait for the grill to heat up as the magnifying glass heats the metal and meat inside almost immediately. The technology is similar to burning paper using a magnifying glass. Probably, this is the cleanest way to grill meat and that too for free. SOLGRILL retails for $199 but is presently out of stock on Amazon. It can however be ordered from Italy, only if they allow international shipping.

Probably it is time to invite all your friends for a clean and green BBQ party before the flaming September arrives with its icy cold winds, rain and sleet! You could also go ahead and take a look at the Briefcase BBQ and Metal Globe BBQ that we had featured earlier. It isn’t healthy to consume red meat often but once in a while I guess it is alright!