The DIA Parrot Photo Frame

The DIA Parrot is the new way of framing all your wonderful memories. Digital photo frames are plenty in the market and they come in various sizes with varying storage capacity. These two factors, along with the brand name, set them apart. There is nothing as such which can be said to be different among them. Even if there is anything, it is insignificant.

The scene is changing and a whole new concept has been revealed. Photos will appear in a new ‘never seen before’ form. Give a glance to the new DIA Parrot photo frame and see its difference compared to all other digital frames.

Parrot is a leader in wireless peripherals for mobile phones. After pairing up with the founder of the Nodesign agency, Jean-Louis Frechin, it has come up with a digital photo frame. This frame has nothing in common with its predecessors.

The LCD screen in the digital photo frame has been disengaged from the backlight unit. This results in a truly magnificent effect. Precisely, this effect has managed to make the product different from the rest. The screen appears translucent and with the light coming from a distance and the photo just seems to be there in thin air. Frechin realized that all screens in a digital frame are the same. He wanted to come up with something new but not just for the sake of being different. If different, it was supposed to have a proper logic to explain its difference.

An LCD screen is translucent all by itself. When placed against an opaque backlight unit, it loses its translucent effect. In the DIA, this opaque unit has been separated which helps retain the effect. When a photo comes on screen, it does not appear to be framed somewhere but just floats on this screen. The photo is there and at the same time not there.

From ages in the past, we have been framing photos of our precious memories. We try to go for the best frame for the best photos. But have we ever noticed that in the beautiful frame the beauty of the photo gets lost somewhere? Not so with the DIA. The frame here is not very prominent. It is a simple plain colored box like device that houses its various parts. When a photo comes on screen, it takes center stage and what you notice is only the photo. Everything else fades out giving all due importance to the image.

DIA is yet to be launched in the market but once there, it is going to have many admirers and acquirers. A new technology is all set to enter our homes.

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Via: Parrot