Nifty Remote Controlled Robot Case

It’s hard to hate the Rog-R, even harder still to hate the creator of said case mod, Stephen Leatherface Popa. After all, what’s not to love about a remote-controlled robot case mod? Not much.

The Rog-R

The mod is based on the Thermaltake Level 10 case, which is already a great-looking case. The original comes with 3 external 525″ bays, 6 internal 3.5″ bays and 8 expansion slots. It offers open compartment architecture and a smart-lock system so there’s no need to worry about screwing down harddrives. Still, this beast weighs 47.11 lbs, pretty hefty even for the most hardcore of gamers to bring over to LAN parties. Enter the Rog-R.

Popa clearly spent a lot of time creating this mod, and it definitely shines through. While the case stays true to the Thermaltake design, there’s enough changes that it becomes it’s own piece of art. The case is painstakingly spray-painted first with fern fronds to give it a camouflage look and then given a great gradient with silver and black undertones covered eventually covered with gold. What really makes the case amazing are the little details from the security camera to the little missiles packed into the upper right hand corner of the case.

Of course there are the obvious highlights like the movable arm and wheels both of which are 100 percent usable.  The head acts as the receiver and helps propel the robot forward. Why have a remote-controlled case? Well, besides the obvious benefits of driving it over to a LAN party, it can also be used to knock over that person’s computer who might be playing cheaply during that party. And afterward, it can be used to grab some drinks off a nearby table. What is there not to love?

While the Rog-R is not for sale, the Thermaltake Level 10 costs around $800 USD. All the additions would bring this case to well over $1,000 and that’s not counting all the actual components like the motherboard, video card, RAM and so on. Still, it’s a pretty piece of metal and will definitely generate interest in whoever sees it.

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Via: TechEBlog