Disney’s Star Wars Weekends Festival Is Finally Making Sense

Star Wars Weekends, the annual festival that takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, is making more sense than ever, now that Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Check out the following posters to see the proofs.

The festival has been on and off since 1997 till now, so we can’t really talk about a continuous activity. However, it is obvious that someone at Disney has had a deep love for George Lucas’ saga. Either that, or someone had a really good idea of how to make money by dressing up Mickey Mouse as a droid, Minnie as Princess Leia and Goofy as Darth Vader. At least that’s how it was until now. The following posters are a bit different, as Star Wars characters take the front stage and the Disney details are in the background.

It must be difficult being an Ewok, especially when you need to have a certain height to ride, and there’s at least a foot between you and the limit bar.

The poster featuring a Stormtrooper eating a Mickey Mouse ice-cream is made in the “Join the Dark Side, get a free cookie” vein, especially considering the caption. Hmmm… it’s very tempting, I must admit!

The caption of the above poster translates as: “Watch your weight and your food intake, before it’s too late!”

White socks and black footwear? That’s a big No-No for Darth Vader, so he certainly loses points with Fashion Police.

Another airport-themed poster features bounty hunter Boba Fett claiming his oversized luggage – Han Solo in carbonite.

I did that too at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. I did stare outside the window, but there were only Boeing airplanes, not TIE Interceptors.

Padme Amidala is certainly a stranger to the concept of traveling light. When you’re a queen, though, the number of bags is not that important, since you do not even have to carry them.

I’m not trying to favor R2-D2 in any way, but the luggage shaped like him seems to be more roomy. I’m just saying, maybe travel bag manufacturers should reconsider their design strategies.

In few occasions have drawn Stormtroopers as much attention as in the above poster. Waiting for Darth Vader at the airport is like waiting for the second coming of you-know-who, just that they’re on different sides of the force.

Last, but definitely not least is Darth Vader sitting in line to meet Luke Skywalker. Of course, our dear Sith Lord has a surprise for young Luke, but not exactly up his sleeve.

If you happen to be near Disney’s Hollywood Studios between May and June, make sure you attend Star Wars Weekends, as this time it may all be different.

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