DIY Cardboard Rifle Brings Out the Gunsmith in You

Of all the cool ‘boys toys’ that we have come across lately, Mike Howarth’s DIY Cardboard Rifle has to be most rad.

DIY Cardboard Rifle 1

The cardboard rifle can be assembled once ordered and can be a great gift for those who want to practice their targets. Though the DIY Cardboard Rifle is built around a plastic skeleton, it is made of a cardboard exterior and lets you assemble it right from the scratch.

DIY Cardboard Rifle 2

It shoots wet paper ammunition which is biodegradable and you will not have to worry about hurting someone, unless you end up pulling the trigger when someone is facing you or is close to you. On that note, it is recommended that everyone within the shooting range wear protective glasses. The DIY package comes in 3 Camos: Golden Touch, Zombie Slayer ad Digital Ops. The coolest feature of these cardboard rifles is that you can print your own card frame as the makers supply card template blueprints when you purchase the kit.

DIY Cardboard Rifle 3

The DIY Cardboard Rifle is aimed at giving you a ‘gunsmith’ building experience so that you feel like you have built your own boy toy right from the scratch. The kit includes the plastic frame, layer one Camo Skin with screws and rivets to attach to the frame, layer two Camo Skin which adds significant detail to the first layer, 8 gold shells with 50 pieces of ‘soft splat’ ammo and a zombie head target.

DIY Cardboard Rifle 5

In case you run out of ammo, the guys also provide a mould with which you can turn ordinary paper into soft splat ammo.

DIY Cardboard Rifle 4

Though you may think that cardboard kits are amateurish, this particular DIY Cardboard Rifle kit is totally premium and can easily pass off for an exotic luxury gift. Mike needs your help to get this amazing product to the production line and his team has been working at it for more than 12 months. If you think (we certainly believe) this is a work of art that needs more recognition, you can help Mike Howarth and his team achieve commercial success by contributing to their IndieGogo campaign.