PS Vita System Update v2.10 Delivers Folders & Other New Features

The latest system update for Sony’s handheld gets in the spring cleaning spirit with its latest round of new features.

PlayStation Vita system update v.210 image 2

Content management relief came this week to PlayStation Vita owners in the form of system update version 2.10, which gives uses who have a huge pile of games on their system (spread the word, Vita has games), but no easy way to organize them a means for doing so.

Now games and apps on the Vita’s home screen can be arranged and dropped into folders just like a certain other fruit-themed company’s mobile OS. Just hold down your finger on the Vita’s touchscreen and soon enough a menu will pop up asking if you wish to create a folder.

10 icons can be stored in one folder, but only a maximum of 100 folders can be stored on the home screen, an limit that’s been in use for the Vita since its release and has been a pain in the butt for any Vita owner who likes to store all of their games (all of them) on a single memory card.

So no help in that regard sadly with this system software update, but in other areas it does alleviate little nagging issues like having to rearrange the home screen icon layout every time a memory card is swapped with another by now giving the option to save it.

PlayStation Vita system update v.210 image 1

There’s also improved video support included in firmware v2.10, and before that thought leaps into your head my Anime watching friends, no, it’s not support for MKV video files. This fix lets users watch videos (likely of the HTM5 variety) directly from the Vita’s Internet browser.

Before videos embedded in the browser couldn’t be played and users were forced to switch over to the Vita’s native YouTube app – a fine app on its own don’t get me wrong – for video playback. In v.210 though, users won’t have have to deal with all that silly nonsense.

These changes to the PlayStation Vita’s OS might be small and way, way overdue, but bit by bit they all add up to a better experience for sure; good on Sony for pushing this software update out.

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