Man Builds iPad-like Tablet for Ladylove

If you were broke and wanted to buy a gift for the love for your life, how far could you go? Could you go ahead and build an iPad for your lover when they demand for it and you are poor as a church mouse?

Well, a Chinese college student thought it was prudent to do so, and built an iPad-like tablet for his girlfriend when he realized he did not have enough money to buy her the real deal. Wei Xinlong ordered a touch screen, a battery, a motherboard, a display and the memory from discount stores online and peered through instruction manuals about how to build a tablet. He spent $125 on the homemade contraption and his ladylove Sun Shasha claimed to be really happy and declared that she will keep it forever. How sweet!

Unfortunately, the boy doesn’t understand that one doesn’t have to try too hard to impress another boy or girl, and that it is usually what we would call corny. Instead of all the trouble, he could surely have gone ahead and bought her one of the many tablets that are available in the market, and which girlfriend would drive her boyfriend to take so much of trouble just because she wanted a tablet? I am sorry, but more than sappiness I value realism and sometimes these lover birds must realize that nothing is what it seems.

In fact, that good ol’ saying holds good in the case of his Windows 7 running iPad-like contraption as well. It may have an Apple logo, but it is not an iPad. It may have cost just $125, but the guy must have felt really inadequate to go all the way to build an iPad because he couldn’t afford one. Nothing is what it seems either, because if Apple gets to know that its logo was used on another tablet, the lover boy will soon have to pay some really expensive lawyers. Hope his girlfriend has the money for his bail! I however would like to gorge on a slice of iPad Cake or two.