Do-It-Yourself: NES Controller Night Light

Get in control of this radical night light that uses a NES gamepad.

NES Controller night light by lonesoulsurfer image 1

A night light? Sheese. What am I, 4 years old?! I’m a fully grown adult that earns his own money and pays his own bills. What do I possibly need with a… wait, what’s that? It’s a night light built around an NES controller? Okay, now I’m interested.

Do-it-yourselfer and totally boss dude lonesoulsurfer designed this NES controller night light on his own, which is just your standard NES controller – this one in particular a worn down gamepad belonging to our talented modder – encased in clear resin and surround by LEDs.

NES Controller night light by lonesoulsurfer image 2

The NES night light surprisingly runs on a 5.5v solar panel, a cool feature that was necessary in order to power the AAA rechargeable batteries inside the NES controller, which would become inaccessible once coated by the casting resin.

Okay, so we’ve got the construction down, but how does it turn on? As lonesoulsurfer shows in the video below, just a simple tilting of the controller turns it on, tilting it again activates blinking, and a third time turns it off completely.

Lonesoulsurfer has the instructions to make your own NES controller night light on his Instructables page – looks simple enough. And don’t worry about needing a spare NES gamepad at your disposal, you can practically use any used controller to build this nifty electronic.

Stay tuned to Walyou for more nifty electronics like the newly announced Xbox One (well, that’s still to be determined) and anti-graffiti drones in Germany.