Donkey Kong Game-Resembling Coffee Pod Holder

CapsuleKong, the wall-mounted display for Nespresso pods made by Hologramer, is going to be a delight for anyone who has played the arcade classic Donkey Kong game.

Hologramer, the provider of Nespresso capsule storage solutions, has created many ingenious pod holders over the years. This particular one has certain design elements that will surely remind geeks of their early gaming days. Made out of anodized aluminum, this beautiful wall-mounted display offers room for exactly 50 capsules. Cut-outs of the game characters have been included in the design.

With so many varieties available, it’s even possible to put Nespresso pods in such an order so that the members of the family don’t drink the same flavor on two consecutive days. However, besides the 48 spots available on the main display, there is also a double-barrel shot slot for when the caffeine addiction strikes. Placing two capsules with the favorite flavors there will save people the trouble of removing the pods from the display till they get to the one that they want.

The display went through a lot of design revisions and prototypes until its creators settled for this one. That shows that the team behind this design includes a lot of perfectionists who don’t stop till the final product looks exactly how they have imagined it. Basically, they wanted the pods to roll down perfectly from top to bottom, passing near the Donkey Kong characters and finally getting to the flaming barrel of coffee, where the capsule exits the display.

Measuring 440mm in height, 360mm in width and 8mm in depth, CapsuleKong is not the only item delivered in the box. Instructions and fixings for mounting it to the wall are also provided, even though installing it might seem quite intuitive.

CapsuleKong is currently on sale on the Hologramer website for $170. Given the attention to details and the high quality of the materials, I’d say that the price is quite OK, especially if it’s an incurable coffee addict who’s buying it.

Feel free to check out the Hologramer website for other elegantly designed Homeware products. The other capsule holders, while not that many, are very interesting, as well, the only downside being that they only offer free shipping to Australia. Hologramer accepts all sorts of payment methods, so if you liked this pod holder, just go get it!

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