Donkey Kong Wall Graphics for Interior Decoration

cool donkey kong stickers wall graphics

Nintendo has influenced our lives so much, that the company and the video game characters that made the company and its console famous are part of urban legends. So much so that most people now consider video game characters like Mario, Donkey Kong and other veteran Nintendo characters as part of an international cultural heritage which reveals the lives of the previous generation from the 80s and also sometimes, the 90s.

We place a lot of value for these nostalgic elements in video game culture and thus could not stop from writing about these amazing Donkey Kong Wall Graphics. These Donkey Kong decals are officially licensed by Nintendo and you could decorate your walls with the Kong character in tribute to the good old game that gave us all so much of pleasure. All good things have to end, or so they say.

However, we disagree and encourage all Nintendo and Donkey Kong fans to get these wall graphics and try to decorate the walls in your own individual manners. Each package comes with three 26” x 40” sheets of decals. There would also be 42 total movable and reusable decals in every single package. These are made from blik Re-Stik™ and are based upon the original 8-bit graphics which is part of the NES version of the Donkey Kong.

You would certainly want these decals if you are either fan of the venerable game or a Nintendo fanboy. Even if you are not, it would be a great idea to get them in order to pay tribute to yesterday’s video game culture. Each package of Donkey Kong Wall Graphics cost $64.99. You could also checkout the Donkey Kong Castset which could be used in children’s rooms or the Donkey Kong Quilt that really brings up old memories.