Cool Breeze From A Wifi Fan Design

Summers are very fun and exciting, except that a power cut may totally disrupt your plans and send you sweating down to your couch or the bed. What one needs in situations like these is a fan, a hand fan (since there is no electricity). At moments like these, comes the Wifi Fan as your handy wireless fan.

cool wifi design fan

The fan from Atypyk is not exactly wireless, it’s just made to resemble the logo of a wireless connection and is made from plastic and is very tough as well. The wireless symbol fits the fan so well, that when held in the hand it appears that our hand is Wi-Fi connected. The impressive design and the amazing idea will make any geek sweat in excitement, and eventually get one of these. The dimensions are about 26X18 cm, hence it is very handy and convenient. In the parts where power cuts are a common thing, one might really need one of these in order to cool off!

The Wireless Air Activator is so cool that even sweat finds a place to hide. The Eye-Fi SD card is something that might interest you after the sweat from your brow is washed off by the Wi-Fan. You might even prefer the Wi-Touch Pillow to have a nice nap later.