Top 5 Drinking Apps

Let’s be honest, we have an easy enough time getting drunk already – but a few apps can make it even easier. Here are the 5 best drinking apps for your iPhone.


To put it simply, the DrinkFinder iPhone app is great. When you’re a little hazy from drinking, a simple, intuitive user interface is important – and DrinkFinder makes it super easy.

DrinkFinder helps you find bars, pubs, clubs, and liquor stores near your location. You can invite your friends to a bar or club via Facebook or SMS, conveniently providing them the address and phone number. You can even save your favorite spots to “My Bars.”

“Grab a Cab” is a one-touch feature that can instantly call a taxi that’s closest to you. The taxi company’s Yelp rating and link are provided there too.

With DrinkFinder, you can easily count and track the number of drinks you’ve had. Also, calculate your blood alcohol content with the (surprisingly accurate) BAC calculator.

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Cocktail Flow

Cocktail Flow is a drink recipe app. So far, all the recipes I’ve tried were delicious – though, I found myself adding a little more alcohol than suggested but I think that’s just my taste. Also, the photos for the drinks are super high quality and the overall app design is near flawless.

You can find drink recipes in various ways: by base drink, by type, or by color. Browsing by base drink is the most practical, or you can simply search a drink name (which is helpful for quick references).

Another great feature about Cocktail Flow is that it can provide you with a list of recipes you can currently make with your available bar stock. You can easily update your bar stock by selecting the alcohol/mixers you have.

The last cool feature in this app is a handy resource guide that seems geared toward novice drinkers. Topics include: the basics of drink making, barware, and garnishes.

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iBeer Free

iBeer is a novelty iPhone app that simulates a glass of beer using the iPhone’s accelerometer. From far away, iBeer is almost indistinguishable from a real glass of beer.

The app animates a beer being drank, foaming, and burping. You can also choose different drinks like milk, water, cola, chocolate, champagne, and wine. It can be quite entertaining.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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iWhiskey is the app you want if you’re looking to become a whiskey connoisseur. This app provides pricing, reviews, descriptions, and ABV% for almost all whiskeys, “from the lowest priced bottle to the most expensive.” So next time you’re at that high-end bar, you’ll be able to easily check to see if that $30 glass of single malt whiskey is worth it.