These Are The Droids You’re Looking For: Droidarmy Designs

The mention of the words “droid army” may unleash a cataract of obligatory star warsy guesses regarding which one is exactly being talked about (The Separatist Droid Army? The Trade Federation Droid Army? The Techno Union Droid Army?), but few would place their bets on an army of digital designs featuring fun modified versions of Android’s loveable logo, and that’s what Droidarmy is all about.

Since we’re on the subject of perhaps the most popular space adventure ever, how about kicking things off with a couple of Star Wars-inspired designs. Han Solo in Android version is of course Handroid, a renegade with a clever pun for a name and the nice added touch of a thumb that allows him to manipulate the classic DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. This will surely be helpful if an encounter with a Droidtrooper occurs. There are also designs of Android Yoda, Android Vader, Android Boba Fett, Android C3-PO (wait…) and more: Basically the entire Star Wars cast.

If you’re more of a Star Trek enthusiast, these might be right up your alley. The irate looking droids on the left have been dubbed “TrekDroids” by their creator, whereas on the right we have a much more sombre, stately looking Spock that goes by the name of  “Vulcoid”. His firmly crossed arms behind his back mean we may never have an answer to whether he’s been programmed to perform the Vulcan Salute or not.

Where’s Waldo has spawned innumerable tributes, parodies and versions of itself throughout the years (including a live, real life re-creation in Chicago back in 2009), and here’s two more that proudly join the ranks: Where’s Waldroid elementary, and Where’s Waldroid advanced. Waldroid might be infinitely easier to locate than his human character counterpart but he scores points for cuteness.

Classic TV show Dr Who couldn’t have gone without its droidy homages. As expected, there’s a bunch of designs concerning the Dalek cyborgs – modifying their appearance slightly to make them look like the Android logo seems almost like a natural progression, though there’s a more elaborate idea, the Droidlek, consisting of a droid-tripulated Dalek. The TARDIS police box/time machine/spacecraft also gets its due with TARDroid, whose arms display images of the Doctor and Amy.

In the mood for some superhero flavor? Here are Batdroid and Droiderine; spandex suits, pointy ears and adamantium claws to the rescue.

This is just a taster; Droidarmy has plenty more in store including Mario Bros, Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds and Pulp Fiction designs, to name a few. Most of them are available to be printed out as stickers or on T shirts and kids’ clothes. The Android mascot has been used to similar fun effects before, like in this Android Exploded T shirt Design or Gary Ham’s Snowman Android Figurine.