9 Great Gadgets to Save Energy Around the House

Looking to save energy around the house? Using creative wall-electricity readers can help you monitor your energy consumption while other gadgets find and store energy from activities and places you’ve never thought of before.


A portable spring driven device that can give you up to 30 minutes of energy, enough to supply the DC motor in the device with 3 watts of power.

Electro Ambient Wall Coverings

It’s pretty popular to find some nice visual device to show you how much energy you’re spending around the house. The actual meters and numbers aren’t helpful, so having your wall show you the electricity flowing through the house is another way to approach the matter.


‘GreenBox’ by Farsad Ghaffarian is a plastic device that sucks cold air from the floors up into your home and deposits it near the ceiling, where hot air normally tends to hang out. That way, the hot air stays in the center of the room.


A sonic-electric transducer that converts noise into electric energy and stores it in an electric cell module.

O.e.i Light Switch

An OLED touch screen light switch that displays animations and graphics to show how much energy you’re consuming.

Power Conscience Energy Usage Meter

Pretty neat way to check up on your electric usage in the house, with the device emitting more light the more energy you’re using.

Slide – Walking Energy

A cute little gadget that takes advantage of the gripping motion of our hands as we hold onto railings while ascending stairways. The arrow-shaped LEDs on these hand rail ‘sleeves’ light up when the power is out to guide the way.

Socket Pop

This concept by Ya-Hui Chi senses the sharp decrease in energy flow when you’re done using the device, and automatically pops the plug out of the socket. To use your device again, just push the plug back in.


This kinetic motion-harvesting gadget goes into the washer and dryer along with your clothes, gathering up all that wasted energy generated by the spin motion and then uploading it back to the grid.