Esty Shop BurntPixels’s Pac-Man Light Box

Eat away the dark in your home with this Pac-Man light box.

BurntPixels Pac-Man Light Box image 1

When it comes to fine-looking ornaments of the geeky persuasion, let Christina’s Etsy store BurntPixel fill that dark corner of your heart with one of her handcrafted light boxes. One of her newest lamps available is based on Japanese video game publisher Namco’s legendary arcade ghost eater, Pac-Man, and looks absolutely smashing.

Crafted from of laser-cut MDF, the Pac-Man light box is a 6 inch gloss black cube, featuring Pac-Man himself and his rainbow-colored specter pals. In a creative twist, the colors shining from the light box don’t emit from the light source – in this case is just a simple AAA battery-powered LED – but from the cut-outs themselves.

BurntPixels Pac-Man Light Box image 2

The overall effect is a simple, echoing illumination that feels almost similar to the classic 1980 game in motion. Thankfully, you won’t be needing an endless amount of quarters to enjoy it.

BurntPixels Pac-Man Light Box image 3

Right now you can purchase the Pac-Man light box from BurntPixels, a wonderful addition to a gaming den or bedroom, for the starting unassembled price of $50.00 USD; Add five more dollars to that price if you wish for full assembly and added shipping costs.

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