LG Has a webOS Smartwatch in the Works

Samsung must have inspired their fellow Korean manufacturer to think that there’s life beyond Android and that wearables don’t necessarily have to rely on Google’s mobile OS. That or maybe LG simply wants to add some diversity to its range of wearables.

Once a mobile operating system and then an OS for smart TVs, the Palm-developed and HP-owned webOS, which is now the property of LG, is ready to make a comeback on mobile devices, but this time on wearables. It’s not like any of you thought that this OS would crawl back to its hole and die… or did you?

LG gave signs at CES 2014 that webOS is still alive and kicking when it showcased a new smart TV running it. The Bean Bird that has become somewhat of a mascot of LG’s webOS TVs has been recently spotted on a developer website teasing the LG webOS smartwatch. Judging by the stylized classically designed analog timepiece that the Bean Bird is carrying on its back, people should probably conclude that the next LG smartwatch will feature a circular face, much like the G Watch R, the Android Wear device that will go on sale later this month.

All is nice and great, but companies who refuse to cut the life support of old (and most probably obsolete) operating systems, or who keep developing new ones seem to forget a very important detail: app developers end up working extra hours in order to ensure compatibility with their OS. Instead of keeping it simple, LG, Samsung and many others think that they can develop a new operating system that’s different.

With LG webOS smartwatches will probably come webOS smartphones, if the Korean manufacturer wants to limit compatibility to their own brand. That’s something that Chinese companies will try and succeed to disrupt, as their wearables are compatible with a wider range of mobile devices. That is, unless China replaces current popular operating systems with its own home-grown OS, which is due for launch this month.

Right after the the South Korean tech giant discovered that The Verge covered this story, they pulled the developer site, with the most probable intention to launch it again just before unveiling the wearable officially.

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