Evolution of the AT-AT T-shirt

Everyone’s seen the poster of the apes evolving into humans, and just about everyone’s seen the AT-AT in “The Empire Strikes Back.” One shirt combines both of those, showing the evolution of the AT-AT.

Anyone who’s either a Star Wars or biology geek will love this shirt. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection is the linchpin of modern biology, and the AT-AT is part of the one of the best-known pieces of popular culture, so it’s a match made in Heaven.

Evolution of the AT-AT T-Shirt

At the left, we see the AT-AT we all know and love, walking on four legs, ready to get tripped up by Luke Skywalker. As we move to the right, we see its descendants, slowing becoming less four-legged, until we arrive on the right with a fully-upright AT-AT. AT-ATus Erectus?

James Lillis came up with the shirt’s design for RedBubble. He says he just wanted to see what the AT-AT would look like in 1 million year’s time. If you want one, you can buy the shirt for $25.56. Just be careful of any jealous friends flying around your legs to tie a cable around them.

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